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Two years in the making

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We arrived back in London to rain, darkness and cold, so basically an English winter. What struck me is that it felt very much like we were were climbing in through a window to a door we had already closed. I wasn't exactly unhappy to be back but I wasn't happy either, this was a necessity and a stop on the road.

With the exception of collecting the buggy and a couple of friends I was very excited to see, this very much felt like a chapter of my life that was past, going back felt counter productive.

Alas here I am with my anxiety for this trip we are about to under take going into full swing and manifesting in both strange and fairly standard ways. Fairly standard being a meltdown the night before we were to go an collect the buggy, complaining over why we had to do it on my birthday! and how this bloody car had robbed me! Slightly funny yes, nothing to do with the car absolutely! Simply the realisation that shit is now very real and once we pick the car up there is no going back.

The slightly stranger manifestation is a complete obsession with how many jumpers I am taking on the trip, is it too many? Shall I ship some home now? Or wait until Portugal? This though process and taken more time over the past 48 hours than I care to admit. I gave myself a quick shake down, the jumpers don't ultimately matter all that much.

Irrespective of all of this though, the day finally arrived! On the 16th January 2020 we drove the 70 miles to Oldbury, outside of Birmingham, the home of Volksmagic and collected Bumble. Two proud parents bringing their baby home from hospital, seriously it was almost that emotional, and given the torrential rain also a combination of joy and complete discomfort.

It was truly a day filled with emotions but overwhelmingly joy and excitement took centre stage. She is a car that takes real driving but everything we want, challenging, interesting and a sense of complete liberation. One thing that has struck me quickly is that perhaps I wasn't completely aware of what we were getting into, and I think that feeling may increase with our first long drive. Even just from today though, it was freezing cold and the rain makes it thoroughly unpleasant, I didn't like to but really I was thinking, get me the hell out of this thing! On the positive side though you can taste, feel and smell everything as you drive, she makes people smile, perhaps they just think you are mad. There is also a massive sense of pride when you pull in somewhere, its an achievement to have made it.

She performed well, the roads through the Cotswolds did not. Road closures, to fix drains as we were told at lunch, meant we were pushed back to the motorway which is what we were trying to avoid. After a delicious lunch at the ‘Why not’ pub near Evesham, we made our way, begrudgingly back to the motorway and spent a miserable hour trudging down the M5. We made it and to my surprise Bumble protected us pretty well from the wet. We disembarked and warmed our bones, it was a feeling of complete euphoria for 2 years of work to come together in one rain soaked British day.

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