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There is never a perfect time to start, so why not now?!

Africa 2020

So this is the start of the my part in the blogging for Africa 2020. Richard will be taking care of the build blog for the buggy and has already started, I will be covering the other stuff, visas, route etc of the journey. I have been wondering when to start, what do we cover? today seemed the right time and I figure we will just cover everything.

Perhaps it was the right time because I am stuck sitting, enduring the last 2hr 20 minutes of the long 24 hour journey between Australia and London, tiredness at its peak, that slightly sick feeling kicking in and nothing but time to think. We have just made the return journey home for a death in the family and whilst it was a sad time, I have been able to meet Richard’s family and spend some time with mine, silver linings and all. What it has done is make the the decision clear that it is time to move home, and we are both at peace and excited about that which is great!

A little taste of home (Adelaide)

Although it has certainly added monetary pressure to us for the upcoming trip, I would not change the decision to return home, family will always be the priority. It has meant the plans may have to change a little and climbing Kilimanjaro will now depend on where we are financially part way through the trip. That was a difficult pill to swallow but we can always return to climb on another trip.

After putting a budget together for visa, petrol, general living, the plan now is to spend an extra two months in Portugal to save a little more cash and hopefully give ourselves the best chance at reaching our goals on this trip. It has been big learning curve for us going on a trip like this as a couple, as we have both done it solo before. I think our expectations have altered slightly and we recognise there is now another person to think about and compromise is so important. We know it's not going to be smooth sailing and we both need to embrace the obstacles because this will be the first of many. For anyone else planning a trip like this, nothing will ever work out the way you envisage it but it is the perspective you take to the change and approaching it together after you have yelled about it for a while.

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