• Richard Fleming

Africa 2020 Buggy - Chassis Part 1

Updated: Mar 5

So with big plans to take on the African continent we needed to get cracking on building our car. Due to my experience on the Mongol Rally where we added a roll cage onto a existing body with no reinforcement I decided to start there so...

The first step on this path was to purchase a Chassis.

After looking at spending a few weeks doing some research there was a few issues that i could see with the Chassis i had purchased. So i had a few things to address prior to the chassis being ready to reinforce.

Frame Head

All the research I had done in respect to off roading in a buggy lead me to the conclusion that the Front suspension i wanted to run was king and link pin. After further research it was clear this involved a slightly different frame head. The frame head i had on the chassis was for a ball joint front end


IRS rear suspension is also a desirable attribute for off roading (well just better all round really). My chassis was a Swing axle variety.

Brake and Fuel Lines

On the Mongol rally we were constantly throwing thing into the buggy in a hurry. I was always a little worried that we might inadvertently sever a fuel or a brake line. So for this buggy I was also keen to run the brake and fuel lines through the Tunnel.

Although I am quite good with putting parts together and some simple fabrication. I not that good with creating jigs to get brackets welded in the correct configuration. So the chassis was sent off to Flatlands Engineering to sort out these items

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