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Africa 2020 Buggy - Wiring

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

The Design

I needed to get someone to make up a loom for me. So I put my thoughts on paper and came up with this simple diagram. This was then sent off to Chad to come up with something a little more wiry.

Chad true to everyone's previous experience came back to me with an amazing diagram capturing all the details of what I needed for the buggy. So with plans to hand Chad sent me a complete wiring kit for the buggy based in the plan below. Chad also broke down this diagram into 4 bite-size chunks. The individual plans were for the ignition, indicator, lighting and Ancillary Circuits.

So the first step was to go through each circuit and understand how they all fitted together.

I then fitted the two fuse boxes to the buggy dashboard as well as mounting the gauges, light switch light bar switch, USB and power socket. I had previously fitted the washer bottle and wiper unit which were kindly provided by Car Builder Solutions.

I'm waiting on a new digital speedo from another of our amazing sponsors Caerbont Automotive Instruments hence the space left in the middle of the dashboard.

Full Wiring Diagram

The Ignition Circuit

Ignition Wiring Diagram

The Indicator Circuit

Indicator Wiring Diagram

The Lighting Circuit

Lighting Wiring Diagram

The Ancillary Circuit

Ancillaries Wiring Diagram

Setting up the Fuel Sender

So to set up the fuel sender I had to

  1. Measure the Depth of the tank

  2. Cut the rod to the required length based on a chart that was included in the kit

  3. Insert the float on the float arm and ensure it was spaced correctly

  4. Remove the excess float arm

  5. Wrap the wire around the rod and position the resistor box

  6. clamp down the resistor box to the rod

  7. Fit the Fuel sender to the fuel tank.

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