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Africa 2020 Buggy - Roll Cage P1

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Design Concept

I had a fantastic adventure driving a beach buggy from the UK to Mongolia in 2017. At the end of the trip, I ended up walking away without the vehicle. The reason the Buggy didn't make it back from the 2017 Rally, was in part due to the chassis design. My approach to this issue has been outlined in my previous blogs.

Another reason was the way the roll cage was attached to the Buggy.

In the Mongol Rally Buggy, I fixed the roll cage to the Buggy by running box steel at two points under the chassis and sandwiching them with some box steel on the top side of the floor plan. This approach introduced a twisting force to the central spine that predominately affected the front of the vehicle, causing the central spine to split.

So when designing this roll cage, I wanted to ensure that when fixing it to the chassis, it was tied into the suspension. So any force would be transferred there. So the front of the roll cage would need to tie into the front beam. The rear of the roll cage would need to attach to the standard shock mounts. I would use the roll cage to connect the rear shocks

Roll Cage Center

For the center part of the roll cage, the main decisions here were: Height of the main hoop, running side supports internally or externally, center horizontals or running the top horizontals at the edge of the roll cage.

So our design was to run the sidebars externally and to bring the top horizontals to the outside of the cage.

Roll Cage Front

For the front of the Buggy, we needed to tie in the Cage to the front suspension. To do this a front hoop was created and mounting points for two forward arms. This also gave an advantage od stiffing up the fiberglass bodywork at the front of the buggy

More to come on this topic as we need to create the external side impact bars. The external foot runners to mount the Jerry can holders too and also finalize the rear with shock mounts.

Work on the roll cage was done by Lee Southerton at Volksmagic who has been fantastic listening to my ideas and ignoring the more stupid ones.

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