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Meet Richard & Tarnie


We met on the Mongol Rally, an epic journey from London To Mongolia, driving unsupported, in cars that you wouldn't trust on a drive to the local shops.

We currently live in Bristol UK, where we both work in the professional services industry as Project Managers.

Throughout our lives, we have both been fortunate enough to have travelled to some truly amazing places and met some inspirational people along the way.  


Over the last few years we have seen a global trend where countries are  becoming more insular and more divided. We all know from history that this never ends well. This is why we both believe that it is more important than ever to break down the walls that keep us divided so we can better understand and respect people different than ourselves. We feel by travelling we open up the opportunity to learn from those we meet, which nurtures a culture of understanding and tolerance.


Our travels have seen us gain so much from the places we visit by way of memories and experiences but we give little back to those individuals and communities responsible for such amazing memories. 


The idea of Karma Forge is about addressing this imbalance and crating a community travel initiative. Our Africa 2020 project is all about developing a way for people from all walks of life to  embark on amazing adventures whilst positively contributing to the communities they meet on their journey






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